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Jeff Dunham tickets for the tour dates in 2017 are on sale now!Jeff Dunham is an American producer, ventriloquist and stand-up comedian born in Dallas, Texas in 1962. He discovered ventriloquism at age eight, so to get over the nervousness, Dunham gave his first ever doll concert in the third grade. By the time he was ten, Jeff was performing anywhere he would find an audience. He continued to do the performance through collage, and later moved to pursue stand-up comedy in L.A in 1988. However, the hardworking Jeff Dunham achieved true mainstream success in 2006, when and after many years of resistance, Comedy Central decided to showcase his self-produced an hour special, Arguing with Myself. The outcomes were wonderful- more than three million viewers tuned to watch him, prompting the network to reconsider the show. The Spark of Insanity was the second performance in 2007, which achieved record rating and sold more than two million DVDs. In 2008, he delivered a similar result with A Very Special Christmas Special. In 2011, Jeff’s stand-up special, Controlled Chaos, made an extraordinary multi-territory broadcast, and DVD release in many countries. More than six million viewers tuned to watch the special on Comedy Central, making it one of the most watched programs in the channel’s history. In 2012, he released his stand-up special, Minding the Monsters, on the same channel, Comedy Central. It was watched by over six million viewers, making it the most watched broadcasts for the channel that year. Today, he is one of the most popular ventriloquists and comedian, known for his ridiculous yet clever antics with his puppets. His television specials and series are the highest rated programmes in the Comedy Central history. His Videos have received almost a billion views on YouTube, DVD sales have reached over seven million units, and live concerts have become a mega-event played in any sold-out arena worldwide. His success has put him on the same level with comedy giants like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. He has appeared on several television shows such as Mr. Chili; Too Hot for TV, Comedy Central Presents, The Comedy Concert, The Tonight Show, Star Search, David Letterman’s Late Show, and in 1990 he made a debut on Johnny Carson’s couch show. For those who love his shows, he will be performing this February! For Jeff Dunham tickets, please see our event listing table of Jeff Dunham tour dates in 2017


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